Read on to learn more about life on campus with Summer Springboard!

There’s a lot to love about a Summer Springboard program! While the instruction is top notch and the excursions are enriching and exciting, living and learning on top college campuses in the US (and UK) is an integral part of SSB’s recipe for success.

Now let’s tackle some frequently asked questions related to this topic.

Q. What does living on campus entail?

A. Live like a college student in residence halls (dorms)–you’ll get a taste of living with a roommate, sharing common areas and navigating the dining hall. In addition to fully utilizing the residence halls, students will often also have access to major buildings on campus.

While some areas or attractions may close for the summer, most locations have libraries, gyms, museums, or other recreational or study resources at their fingertips.

This is a unique opportunity to truly live as a college student for two weeks; many students find that it’s a great way to get a “trial run” of campus life at a university that they are considering attending after high school. 

Q. What if I live in the same city as, say, Yale and don’t need the room & board? 

A. It sounds like our Commuter option may be right for you!

While there is much to be gained from living on campus, we can also accommodate students who wish to participate exclusively in the academic portion of Summer Springboard activities and be home in time for dinner.

Click here for tuition information and to learn more about what is included in each type of enrollment.

Q. My student has a food allergy. Can your program accommodate that? 

A. While it depends on the severity of the allergy and the campus, most campuses are a good fit for students with food allergies or other special dietary needs. The majority of meals are taken at the residence dining hall.

Students are expected to be able to manage their own allergy (for example, if they are allergic to peanuts, to check ingredients before digging in) but staff will always be on hand to assist.

If you have specific concerns, please reach out to our Admissions Coordinators.

Q. What if my student gets homesick?

A. Homesickness is not uncommon, especially for students who have not spent time away at camp or school trips before. But not to worry! Our RAs are experts, and have helped many a teen overcome struggles that can accompany being away from home. Staff actively promote group bonding and foster a safe and caring environment.

SSB students stay very busy; most students who are initially homesick find their footing within the first few days, and by the end of the program they don’t want to leave!