Spring is here! While you are enjoying Spring Break and defrosting from a chilly winter, it’s important to start looking into scholarships that are available to you. College is an expensive endeavour and spring is a great time to be researching and completing scholarship applications.

Here are a few tips on how to the find the scholarships that fit you best:

There’s an app for that. Scholly is an app that helps you find all the scholarships that you are eligible to receive. The app was created by Christopher Gray, a savvy entrepreneur, who knew he wanted access to opportunities outside of his circumstances. The app connects you to a multitude of options, a one stop shop for funding your college dreams. You can also use websites like fastweb and college board to help narrow down the search.
Check in with your school counselor. It can be difficult to sort through all the options and decide which scholarships are right for you. Good news! Your school counselor is a great resource for this challenge. He/she can help you navigate the options, requirements, and deadlines. Here a few categories to consider when you talk with your counselor about what you might qualify for:

Merit based Scholarships
Special talent, interest, or trait scholarships (ie. musical or community service)
Athletic Scholarships
Post – college commitment (ie. Some states offer scholarships to education majors, that promise to teach in the state after earning their degree)
Your parents employers
First in family scholarships
Military scholarships
Your academic interest or potential career field

Pro tip: If you are applying for several scholarships and are writing essays for each one. Think about recycling your essay topics. You may need to make a few edits as you submit to different organizations but reworking your already written essays can help save time and reduce stress.

Don’t knock the small awards. When you look at your total tuition you may feel like you need to only apply for only high dollar amount scholarships. If you think that small awards just aren’t even worth it, you are wrong. Those smaller amounts can add up quick, and before you know it you will have enough to cover a semester or two. There is no limit to how many scholarships you can apply for so think small and you might earn big!

Watch out for scams. Unfortunately, there are scholarships scams you need to be aware of as you search and apply for awards that fit you best. Watch out for:

Application fees – true scholarships are aid to you and don’t require a fee
Guarantees – you haven’t applied, but you are guaranteed to win? – sounds fishy. True scholarships are awarded upon review, watch out for anyone who guarantees you are a winner.
No Sponsorship information – you should be able to research a company, sponsor, or organization offering you aid. If you can’t find a way to contact them it’s probably not a good idea to apply.

As you apply for scholarships and dig into writing essays, many organizations will ask you to reflect on who you are and where you are going in life. At Summer Springboard our goal is exactly that! We offer you the opportunity to explore an academic area of interest, but we also dig deep into your personal goals, passions, and interests. We will spend time developing self awareness and reflecting daily on your purpose and drive in life. Join us in July for a life changing experience!