Day 4 & 5 of Summer Springboard (Session 2):

Business presentation

Student Quote:

“I really liked reading about Sandra Day O’Connor, it was very inspirational to see a woman achieve such greatness.” 




  • Tour of Congress:
    • All students view the historic areas of the Capitol on a guide-led tour. The tour includes visiting the Crypt, the Rotunda, and National Statuary Hall.
  • Politics & Public Policy Excursion – tour of the Supreme Court
    • Students visited the Supreme Court and took advantage of a variety of educational programs, including Courtroom Lectures, a Visitor Film, and court-related Exhibitions.
    • Highlights include the John Marshall statue, portraits and busts of former Justices, and two self-supporting marble staircases.
  • Medicine & Healthcare Activity – Mass Casualty Simulation
    • The students ran through procedures for dealing with an excess of wounded patients in a simulated case of a bomb going off in a city.
    • They learned how to assess injuries and set up triage.
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Excursion – Small Business Administration:
    • Students learned about the important role small businesses play in the U.S. economy and why the government makes efforts to support them.