July 19

Today kicked off the first day of electives where students were able to choose 1 of the four course provided and taught by our RA’s. Community service, Athletics, Life Skills, Photography and Writing/Composition. Then students enjoyed free time in the Georgetown boundary with their new friends. After, students were taken to dinner in the boundary where they enjoyed foods like, burgers, pizza, falafels etc ! Students and staff enjoyed the cooler weather as it was a crisp day with a light breeze. After the RA circle group dinners, our students enjoyed a kahoot game hosted by our RA’s called “Name that song”. Overall it was a lovely day here at Georgetown ! 

July 20

The Emergency Medicine class visited Howard University Health Science Simulation Center where they learned about how the program uses simulated patient experience to teach medical students. 

The Global health class toured the United States Agency for International Development where they learned about how  the U.S. federal government  administers civilian foreign aid and development assistance. 

Today Politics & Political Science had the opportunity to tour the U.S. Capitol building where they learned all about how the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government works.  They even got to see Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, walking through the halls!

July 21

Today the trail and law class got a chance to visit a courthouse today. This is a photo of them leaving to the courthouse, since photos weren’t allowed in the building. They listened to a domestic abuse case and got a chance to sit in a judge’s office. 

RA groups split up and took students out for dinner. Renae took a group to Good Stuff Eatery in Georgetown. This is a famous burger spot that served Michelle and Obama during his term. 

RA groups hosted a team man hunt on the Georgetown Campus. Ra’s were instructed to hide in the building and students had to find them. Once found, they took photos with the RA. Here is a picture of Iese with his Ra group.

July 22

Students did a scavenger hunt around campus after class with their resident advisors.

July 24

Georgetown Students Weekend!

Saturday: Students went to the MLK memorial, Lincoln Memorial & National Mall followed by Smithsonian Museums & the Library of Congress.

Sunday: Students rode rollercoasters at Six Flags Great America in Maryland.

July 25

Last night our students went around caroling to the RA Staff. Today we had our college panel and students asked questions about college!