Written by Lillie Dawes, Summer Springboard alumni

Living with Roommates

At college, most students live with a roommate or several roommates. Summer Springboard pairs you with either one or two roommates who you will live with for the two weeks. Having roommates can be challenging at times, as personalities and habits can be different, but from my experience, my roommates and I compromised easily and got along very well. We still communicate today and will be friends for a long time! Living with roommates for two weeks can help you discover whether or not you want roommates when you go to college.

Eating on Campus

College food often has a bad rep. However, I found the food situation to be well organized and welcome to any food restrictions. I attended SSB at UC Berkeley, and the food options were great for all people. Being vegan, I was worried that there wouldn’t be much I could eat; however, they had vegan options for every meal. I also found that there were many food options around campus. My friends and I often went out to get smoothies or to Target with the RAs (Resident Advisors) to stock up on snacks. 

Taking Care of Yourself in the Dorm

Showering, sleeping, and generally taking care of yourself in a college dorm is different than in the comfort of your home. Because you have to share everything with others, you may not have the luxury of showering or brushing your teeth whenever you choose. After a few days, you get used to this lifestyle, and it can prepare you for what college will be like! Summer Springboard also separates the floors by gender so you don’t have to worry about that. 

Key Takeaway

As a high school student, I found that living in a dorm prepared me for what college life would be like. Summer Springboard staff are welcoming and help you feel safe in this new experience so you can truly enjoy college life. I hope this information helps you feel more comfortable about living in a dorm!

Marketing Intern - Lillie Dawes

Lillie Dawes is one of Summer Springboard’s new marketing interns. She currently attends Haas Hall Academy in Rogers, Arkansas. She attended Summer Springboard at UC Berkeley last summer and participated in the Global Health track. She hopes to use the skills and knowledge she received to someday make a difference in the world. Feel free to reach out @lillie.dawes