Donna Thomas is a Forensic Identification Specialist ll with the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department.
Her primary responsibility has been to train new personnel in Basic Latent Print Investigation and
Friction Ridge Comparison. She has worked in the forensic science discipline since 2007,
performing latent print comparisons as well as processing crime scenes. She has been with the Los
Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for 35-plus years starting her career as a Sheriff’s
Communication Operator and 911 Dispatcher.

Donna holds a Master’s degree in Legal Studies and Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice with a
concentration in Forensics from American Military University, Additionally, she holds two Associates
degrees, one in Administration to Justice and the other in Social Behavior from Citrus Community
College. She is an assessor for the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/ Laboratory
Accreditation Board and a member of the California Division of the International Association of
Identification. Along with providing several hours of training at her place of employment, Donna has
also presented workshops at the International Association of Identification yearly conference in 2021
and the California Division conference in 2022.