Cal Poly SLO Instructor – Dr. Casey McDonald-Liu
Dr. McDonald-Liu received her PhD from the College of Journalism and Mass Communications from the University of Florida; her Master of Art and Bachelor of Science from Brigham Young University.

Casey McDonald-Liu is a recent PhD graduate from the University of Florida in strategic communications specializing in how organizations communicate to publics using a tonality similar to that of humans on social media. She began her career working in digital communications at Walt Disney Studios and as an assistant to the Vice President of International Marketing. She also worked as a digital sales specialist for Valpak and ran her own cosplay catering business after spending time in Japan as an ESL instructor. She specializes in strategic communication – public relations & advertising; organization-to-public relationship management; digital & social media; Asian media culture; conversational human voice; organizational trust; social psychology; public relations writing; PR & advertising research; global communications; and, media ethics.