Dr. Schroeter is a Professor in the Agribusiness Department at Cal Poly. With a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Purdue University, her work has earned her numerous accolades, including the Outstanding Dissertation Award. Dr. Schroeter’s research has appeared in prestigious journals like the Journal of Health Economics, and she’s known for her inspiring teaching style. As the first Faculty Fellow at Cal Poly’s Center of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE), she encourages students to explore entrepreneurship. Recognized for her excellence in teaching, she has received awards from various national and international organizations. In her class on Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Agriculture, Dr. Schroeter guides students to bridge theory and practice, emphasizing customer development and connecting them to CIE innovation programs. Beyond her academic pursuits, Dr. Schroeter enjoys quality time with her family on the Central Coast and traveling. She’s also a fitness enthusiast, teaching classes at the Cal Poly Rec Center and promoting a healthy lifestyle.