Dr. Tracy Smith holds a Master’s and Post-Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy from Baylor University. She is fellowship trained in orthopedics/manual therapy and is a certified Athletic Trainer (Ret.). Dr. Smith served as an active duty Army officer and physical therapist for 20 years, treating Soldiers and their families in many settings. She brings over 25 years of clinical and academic experience from both the military and the civilian sectors. Since retiring from the Army, she has had the honor of teaching as an adjunct professor of Physical Therapy at San Diego State University and Baylor University. Dr. Smith brings her love of health, fitness, rehabilitation, and teaching together in a dynamic, balanced manner for her students. She is a lifelong learner and challenges her students with the most current evidence in health and healing topics. She is an avid athlete, backpacker, skier, and outdoors person, and met a personal goal of climbing Mt. Whitney in 14 hours.