Leigh Weir is a multifaceted business leader, realtor, and seasoned educator with over 20 years of experience. Possessing both an MBA and MAED from the University of Phoenix and a BA in Advertising from Michigan State University, she excels in educating, training, and mentoring, with a focus on management, servant leadership, and intercultural relations. Leigh’s passion for cultivating meaningful connections has driven her to successfully instruct thousands of students worldwide, including teaching overseas for the Abu Dhabi Education Council. Specializing in college-level business courses such as business communications, management, and entrepreneurship, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Beyond academia, Leigh has spearheaded impactful health and wellness programs in primary education and left her mark on the real estate and finance sectors, with notable roles at Quicken Loans and Amrock. Committed to fostering change and progress, Leigh leverages her diverse skill set and financial acumen as a coach and influential figure in both education and real estate, all while drawing on her exceptional communication and leadership abilities to drive positive transformation in her current roles.