Dr. Nienaber has over 30 years’ experience at large companies, mid-sized biotech, and her own biotech, Zenobia Therapeutics. Throughout Dr. Nienaber’s career she has been both an early adopter as well as an inventor of instrumentation and technology directed towards early-stage drug discovery. She is best known as lead inventor of the crystallographic fragment-based lead discovery method that is still used worldwide to identify clinical candidates and marketed products. She was also the technical lead for invention of the first crystal mounting and alignment robot, ACTOR™, which was recognized with an R & D top 100 innovations award. The robot is now sold commercially by Rigaku. Dr. Nienaber has overseen large multinational drug discovery programs, early-stage drug discovery pipelines and build platforms consisting of robotics, procedures, and relational databases and two companies. She has been awarded grants from the Michael J Fox Foundation, California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation.