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At Summer Springboard we believe learning should be inspiring and interactive.


We have worked hard to design courses, field trips and guest lectures that reflect the resources of some of the nation’s top universities. Whenever possible, our in-person classes are held outdoors, on-site or in a lab-type setting to allow students as many ’hands on’ opportunities as possible.

Most mornings we break out into small groups based on your academic course selection. During this time, you will dive deep into your subject area of choice with creative, dynamic instructors,  engaging professors and professional experts. Field trips and guest speakers take the learning experience beyond the classroom and leverage all that our campus location has to offer. 

Most afternoons consist of either an elective class or a guest speaker together as a group, or within your academic track, excursions may also take place during this time as well. 

All meals and breaks are built into your schedule each day. In the evenings we will hold fun social activities for all students. Additionally, we’ll enjoy the fun attractions in the vicinity.  All excursions are included for Residential students, commuter students can add on weekend excursions for an additional fee.


Our online courses are designed with the same rigor and attention to detail as our in-person courses. In most cases these courses are an adapted version of our in-person curriculum to match a virtual platform. Courses typically take place 3 hours each morning from 9am – 12pm Pacific or Eastern time depending on the course.