Housing Gender Policy

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Housing conditions in dormitories vary, and that these conditions may be different from those in the Participant’s home community. The Participant understands that Terra may not provide single rooms or rooms with private showers or baths during the SSB Program.
The Participant understands that housing rooms are assigned by gender; shared by fellow participants based on gender identity, not necessarily their sex assigned at birth. In the case that a student is transitioning (their gender), or identifies themselves as non-binary or non-conforming Terra should be notified where Participant is most comfortable (either male or female).

For other families who have other preference or comfort concerns are welcome to address Summer Springboard directly for accommodations. All participants are expected to be inclusive to all gender identities, expressions, sexes, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religions, etc. Staff reserve the right to change rooming assignments for any reason at any time.