Are you considering a career in architecture or design? Are you working on your college application and portfolio? Or are you simply curious about what it is like to be an architect?

The Summer Springboard architecture course for high school students introduces architectural ideas, design principles, and methods of exploring problems of the built environment in a collaborative studio setting. While working on a design project you will learn about the academic path to an architectural degree, the day-to-day work of an architect, and the career opportunities.

Excursions may include visits to architecturally significant buildings, design studios and top-tier engineering and architecture firms.

Architecture tools and blue prints

Learning Outcomes in this course

Develop a proposal for a new downtown building by working through all the steps in the process, from drawings to computer assisted designs.

Design buildings, select materials and analyze the sustainability impact as you perform hands-on design simulations.

Prepare a portfolio of your final presentation, including hand drawings and digital scale models.

Visit professional firms and tour behind the scenes of local attractions to see the best examples of various architectural styles.

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