Home to the Oscars, Golden Globes, and Emmys award ceremonies, Los Angeles has long been recognized as the film and movie capital of the world. What better environment to complement your passion for filmmaking. Summer Springboard's Filmmaking course on the campus of UCLA focuses on the fundamental elements of visual storytelling that enables students to direct their own projects. Whether you have little-to-no experience or considering yourself a professional, discover the foundational tools and skill sets to prepare yourself to be the next Steven Spielberg in the making.

The first week will focus on technical coursework on each element of the filmmaking process. Each day will be about a new topic of filmmaking and will be designed for students to gain new skills to use in their final projects the following week. The second week will be all about creating the final project videos. Students will break into small teams that will write, shoot, and edit their own short films. The students will take on different roles throughout production of these final projects; from directing, to acting, to editing, and more.

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Learning Outcomes in this course

Explore the five major elements of filmmaking, including script writing & pre-production, directing, camera operation & cinematography, sound design, and editing.

Explore the differences between on-set and "run-and-gun" filming.

Learn about different video styles to find your own voice, such as fiction short films, documentaries, cinemating expression edits, social media videos, etc.

Look at the different ways videographers are navigating the world in the age of the internet.

Gain insight and gather tips from various people working in the entertainment industry.

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