Genetics – the study of genes, their functions, and their effects – is at the center of scientific advancement with exciting science, technology, and medical breakthroughs happening every day. In addition, genetic mapping analyses like those offered through ancestry.com and 23andMe.com have exploded in popularity as people want to know more about their heredity, family culture, and predisposition for certain diseases.

Gain hands-on lab experience and get expert career advice from industry researchers. Excursions may include state-of-the-art medical facilities in Boston.

Campus Locations
This program is offered at the following campuses:

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore how DNA works and how scientists can modify DNA for a variety of purposes
  • Gain knowledge on the following topics: RNA, DNA, protein synthesis, mutations, and genetic engineering
  • Train in a laboratory to sample and extract DNA, run experiments, and learn how to alter a string of cells
  • Review new research techniques used by current biologists to study the natural world