During this global health program you will learn from professionals in the field about current approaches to promoting health, preventing disease, and helping communities in need around the world.

Explore health issues locally and globally and think critically about how to solve them using community resources and technology. Work to solve global health challenges by turning everyday materials into life-saving innovative devices. Then, put your skills to the test in a disease outbreak simulation where you will work against the clock to discover the cause of a rapidly spreading epidemic and stop it in its tracks.

Campus Locations
This program is offered at the following campuses:

Learning Outcomes

  • Investigate and solve global health challenges through hands-on projects including outbreak investigations
  • Explore how global challenges such as poverty, gender, and climate change affect health worldwide
  • Recognize historical and current major disease outbreak patterns and identify strategies for the prevention and control of disease
  • Learn from experts in the field to explore the variety of academic and career options within global health