Are you fascinated by the stars? The universe is vast and mysterious and this passion can turn into a lifelong career. This summer program for high school students provides hands-on training in astronomical research, with opportunities to learn from professionals in the fields of astronomy and physics and work with state-of-the-art observational equipment.

Excursions may include optical labs, observatories or a tour of multiple galaxies (at a planetarium).

Campus Locations
This program is offered at the following campuses:

Learning Outcomes

  • Enjoy a mix of daytime and nighttime activities to perform data collection and data interpretation.
  • Perform a research project on the Double Star system, a pair of closely-spaced stars that usually appear as a single star.
  • Work in groups to construct a scientific paper with the possibility of publishing the work via the Boyce-Astro.org platform.
  • Get a private tour of the universe at a planetarium as well as unique access to specialized detail imaging equipment.