Do you wonder what it’s like to develop software for a living? Do you possess a natural curiosity towards computer technology and platform development?

Spend most of the first week learning block-based programming for Android and iOS operating systems. The exercises and tutorials quickly help students build capacity with coding, abstraction, algorithms and data management within a program. The second week involves active coding in small groups with intense research and collaboration. This approach involves an introduction to Python and Raspberry Pi hardware which allows students to create a mini-project by using the sensors and LED matrix on the Sense HAT technology. This collection of experiential tasks provides a comprehensive experience through a rewarding engineering process resulting in a functioning computational artifact.

Learning Outcomes

  • Experience the full cycle of product development: from architecture to APIs
  • Build a fully functioning mobile app for Android or iOS using block-based programming
  • Create a machine integrated mini project with an introduction to Python and Raspberry Pi hardware
  • Start thinking like a technologist and meet programmers and entrepreneurs who are creating the future