Hello Scholars!

This page is a resource for you, where you will find tools and helpful information over the coming months of your Springboard Scholar term. When major updates are made to the page, you will receive an email, but feel free to check back frequently.

How to Earn Rewards

berkeley summer program in san franciscoYou will complete challenges to acquire points.  Points can be redeemed for scholarship credit towards another Summer Springboard program or Global Leadership Adventures program in 2019, or valuable Amazon gift cards. Challenges can be completed now through May 1, 2019. You may earn points for each activity only once, unless otherwise stated.

After you complete an activity, please send an email to marianne@summerspringboard.com and include a copy, link, or picture/photo of the activity. Please send one email per activity, and clearly state the activity and point value in the subject line.

Springboard Scholar Activities

10 points:

  • Like our Summer Springboard Facebook Page
  • Leave an insightful (more than 3 sentences) review on our Facebook Page
  • Make a Facebook post about your experience with Summer Springboard and tag us @summerspringboard and use our hashtags!
  • Follow us on Instagram: @summerspringboard
  • Post your favorite picture on Instagram! Tag us @summerspringboard along with “#SummerSpringboard #mySSB #collegeprep” anywhere in your caption!

25 points:

  • Get 50+ likes on your Facebook post with @summerspringboard tagged
  • Get 50+ likes on your Instagram picture with our hashtags in the caption
  • Have your parent or guardian Like us on Facebook and write a review about us.
  • Have your parent or guardian make a Facebook post about what they thought about Summer Springboard and tag us @summerspringboard
  • Write an essay about how Summer Springboard has impacted your life after the program

50 points:

  • You get 100+ likes on your Facebook post with @summerspringboard tagged
  • You get 100+ likes on your Instagram picture with @summerspringboard tagged and “#SummerSpringboard” in caption
  • Your parent gets 100+ likes on your Facebook post with @summerspringboard tagged
  • Feature a news story on your school newscast or newspaper about your experience with Summer Springboard
  • Make a short video (~2 mins) answering each of the following questions, post it on Facebook and/or Instagram, and tag us @summerspringboard! (+15 per video)
    • What was your favorite part about Summer Springboard?
    • What is one thing you learned from our curriculum?
    • How did it feel being on your own away from your parents?
    • Why do you encourage other students to join our summer program?
    • How has Summer Springboard influenced your life after the program?

100 points:

  • Host an open house for Summer Springboard with a parent or guardian
  • Invite and have Summer Springboard attend to speak at your school and
  • Participate as an Alum in a Summer Springboard Webinar: share your experience, talk about what you did, what you liked, etc.
  • Publish article about Summer Springboard on high traffic news site (NY Times, Forbes, Lifehacker, Medium etc)


In order to ensure your points, make sure your Instagram and Facebook posts are set to PUBLIC! For certain challenges we may ask for a screenshot as proof!

Don’t forget to use our hashtags: #mySSB, #SummerSpringboard, and #collegeprep in your social media posts.

Prize Levels

50 points-SSB Study Kit

100- points-SSB Selfie Light

150 points- $100 SSB or GLA Scholarship or $25 Amazon gift card

200 points- $200 SSB or GLA Scholarship or $50 Amazon gift card

300 points- $300 SSB or GLA Scholarship or $100 Amazon gift card

400 points- $400 SSB or GLA Scholarship or $150 Amazon gift card

500 points- $500 SSB or GLA Scholarship or $200 Amazon gift card

*Prize totals are cumulative.  This means that if you earn 500 points you will receive the swag, and $1500 in SSB or GLA scholarships or $525 in Amazon gift cards.

**Those Scholars who have the highest point totals will be invited to apply for Scholar of the Year.  The chosen student will have a choice to either work as a Program Intern on a Summer Springboard program, or receive a full scholarship for an international service-learning program with Global Leadership Adventures based on availability (*airfare not included).

Develop Leadership Skills

courtyard of yale summer program

Being a Springboard Scholar is a student leadership position that enables you to speak to your peers, teachers, school administrators and build your resume. Depending on how much time you dedicate to the program, you’ll gain experience in how to organize events, begin partnerships, communicate different ideas and creatively solve problems.

Stay Connected

Throughout the year, you may have the chance to attend local meetups with Summer Springboard staff and other scholars, and will be invited to participate in special events. Form a network of like-minded peers from around the world and swap stories and ideas.

Please remember that the Springboard Scholar program involves a small time commitment; however, we understand that many of you are very involved in your academics and activities. Although you will be required to do some of the activities in order to stay in the program, we will also be flexible, keeping in mind your time and priorities.

Please contact us at (858) 780-5650 or by email if you have any questions.