Drone Cinematography in San Diego

Gain experience with drone operations, maneuverability, and actual flight in an open field through Summer Springboard's Drone Cinematography course.

Program Highlights

Gain experience with drone operations, maneuverability, and actual flight in an open field.
Learn about the entrepreneurial & engineering applications of drone cinematography and how to pursue them.
Create a path for yourself to move forward as a Drone Cinematographer, which includes learning about licensing, equipment purchasing, and specialized training in mapping, editing, and flying.
Learn the 5-step framework for identifying the type of shots you should take, and evaluate clips, films, and shots with this in mind.
Develop a story as a cinematographer using the 4 P's framework

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July 28, 2024 August 9, 2024


UC San Diego
San Diego, CA

Course Overview

Since their rise in popularity and easier and more affordable access by the average consumer, drones are being sold and taking to the skies in record numbers, and for a variety of different purposes – aerial surveying, reconnaissance, product delivery, and cinematography. Summer Springboard’s Drone Cinematography course on the campus of UCSD will combine your passion for drone flying with cinematography. Our course provides a comprehensive overview of the technical and creative aspects of cinematography, where students will learn how to execute a variety of different shots with regards to lighting, framing, and clients’ needs.

Meet your instructor

Brandon Murphy, MBA

Drone Cinematography

Brandon Murphy, is an experienced drone pilot class instructor who has been in the film and video production industry for over a decade.

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Topics you'll explore

Hands-On Learning

The drone market is changing and growing at a rapid pace. During this program, you will gain experience with actual flight operations and maneuverability in an open field, as well as discover the impact drones are having on film. With the technical capabilities and high quality of video, drones are an excellent tool for filming and taking video. Throughout the course, students - in pairs/teams - will utilize a Tello, a mini drone that makes flying fun and easy.

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Career Exploration

What started as a fun hobby is now one of the fastest growing industries. Gain hands-on drone operations experience and work with a professional drone pilot to learn skills used in drone cinematography.

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