Fundamentals of Engineering at MIT

Learn fundamental principles behind mechanical, civil, and biomechanical engineering with a Lecturer and Design Education Practitioner at MIT

Summer engineering program for teens at MIT (Maximum Capacity 20 Students Per Session)

Program Highlights

This highly anticipated course will be held on the campus of MIT, offering students inside access to some of the most important engineering labs in the world!
Learn about Fundamentals of Engineering through hands-on projects and simulations
Introductions to MATLAB computer programming, the pioneering computational programming language in science and technology, that is used in most science and engineering university courses
Learn from professionals in the field about the latest advancements in engineering and technology
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Session 1:
June 26, 2022 July 8, 2022

Session 2:
July 10, 2022 July 22, 2022

Session 3 (Online Only):
July 25, 2022 August 4, 2022 Maximum 20 students per session


Boston, MA


  • It was nice to have an actual engineer as the instructor of the course who had been on the job for most of his life.

    Griffin H.

  • I enjoyed the real world insight from the field trips. We went to a construction site and Autodesk Gallery to learn about the mechanics of machines and buildings.

    James L.

Course Overview

This course will take place on the MIT campus taught by two instructors, and both have extensive teaching experience at MIT in various Design and Manufacturing courses. Engineering is one of the most desired careers, but also least understood. There are many branches of engineering to explore.  If you are considering a career in Engineering, this course will help you learn what it takes to be an engineer. We will explore facets of mechanical, civil, and biomechanical engineering in a hands-on, minds-on approach.

Dorm Accommodations: Students in this program will reside at the Simmons University dorms and will be provided transportation to and from their class at MIT each day.

Excursions in Boston:

Students will have an opportunity to take their newfound skills outside of the classroom and visit MIT Engineering Labs. Students will also have an off campus excursion to an engineering firm.

Meet your instructor

Dr. Ali Talebinejad

Engineering MIT Lecturer at Mechanical Engineering Department

Ali Talebinejad has done his PhD at MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory in the area of Robotics and Computer Vision and has received his MS from MIT Mechanical Engineering in the area of System Dynamics and Control. Daniel Frey is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at MIT. Prof. Frey’s research is in the field called “robust design” — a set of engineering practices which help to ensure that engineering systems function despite variations due to manufacture, wear, deterioration, and environmental conditions.

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Topics you'll explore

Hands-On Learning

Students will explore the design process and a standard problem solving approach used by engineers. They will also utilize a series of design challenges to test and gather data on the efficiency of our designs. Projects include building a scale model structure compliant with code, zoning, and budget requirements as well as creating an artificial limb.

Students will think on their feet as they work against time, budget, gravity, and limited resources to complete mini design projects covering different areas of engineering. The final project will be in the field of their choice so they can further explore a specific area.

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Career Exploration

Through this course and program, you will get on-site experience and learn from experts in the field. We will gain an understanding of applied problem solving skills that are involved in Engineering.

Meet with successful professionals and experts in the fields of engineering and technology to learn more about careers and jobs in this field, and have the opportunity to ask questions and learn firsthand what it’s like to work as an engineer. This insight helps students reflect on which areas within the field of engineering is right for them.

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