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Program Highlights

Gain an understanding of what management consulting is and why they are needed.
Learn how to define problems so that they are SMART - specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and time-bound.
Explore how to structure problems so they are mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive.
Students will acquire knowledge how to prioritize deliverables, actions, and options in order to focus on elements that will give them insight into the 80/20 rule, or how to achieve 80% of the desired results with 20% of the effort in business.
Gain the in-demand soft skills for today's business world by learning how to derive insights and implications from words using business communication.
Learn how to articulate and build a forecast model on paper before completing one using Microsoft Excel.
Learn how to build a client-ready management consulting slide deck and present it to a client.

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Session 2:
July 3, 2023 July 13, 2023 9am - 12pm PDT | 12pm - 3pm EDT



Course Overview

Management consulting is the perfect course for students who are seeking exposure to a multitude of different industries before deciding on their own career path. Students will learn about the four different classes of management consultants in the field such as, strategy consulting, implementation consulting, industry specialists and functional specialists. This course offers the perfect opportunity to utilize intellect and analytical abilities to examine a broad variety of industries while preparing businesses for potential acquisition, organization-wide transformation, or general analysis. Students will learn about the big areas for growth in this industry such as, digital (e.g., customer experience), advanced analytics (e.g., data science), and organizational transformations (e.g., recovery from bankruptcy, going from good to great, etc). With a variety of future career options for students, management consulting is an excellent field to explore the limitless professional possibilities beyond college.
Mgmt consulting schedule

Course Schedule

Week 1: Students will kick off their week with a course orientation and receive the information about their client. They will then methodically move through problem definition and structure, prioritization and work planning, running qualitative analysis, and finish the week performing initial quantitative analysis.

Week 2: In their second week, students will continue their quantitative analysis and begin extensive work on synthesis. Their second week will culminate with a client-ready final presentation.

Open to any high school student who will be entering freshman, sophomore, junior or senior year in Fall 2023. Space is limited. Each session is limited to 35 students per track.

Classes will be held via Zoom and facilitated in real-time by the instructor and a classroom coordinator.

Meet your instructor

Lauren Reeves

Management Consulting

Lauren has just taken on a Directorship role at Revgro Holdings and has experience as a Product Owner at Allan Gray, managing a team of software developers. She was previously part of group strategy and digital strategy teams. Lauren started her career as a management consultant at McKinsey. 

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Topics you'll explore

Real World Class Project

In this course, students will work in groups while undertaking a project for a real-world assigned client. Students will tackle a project for a real company while working in groups, similar to how it would be done at a management consulting firm. In previous courses, students in the class were assigned preliminary investigative work into a proposed expansion for a global nonprofit called Just a Change based in Portugal. This nonprofit has rebuilt hundreds of houses and institutions and mobilized thousands of volunteers around the world. Their work involves rehabilitating homes in order to reduce poverty, crime, and bring much needed improvements to public health and energy efficiency in communities. The student groups in this course researched the most effective models to support international expansion to the US based on the available information, laid the groundwork for an effective strategy to be developed and prepared replication models for a project that continued beyond the class.

In addition to the real-world project, students will be able to:

- Explore how to use different problem-solving methodologies, implementing hypothesis-driven analysis and critical thinking skills
- Learn how to use initiative to conceptualize social impact-driven solutions for organizations, in the absence of full information, while solving for complex problems
- Learn how to grapple with complex global issues and developments and their implications for the future
- Gain teamwork skills and the ability to collaborate with others in a diverse group setting
- Apply what you learn in the classroom in the real world project experience
- Gain invaluable soft skills necessary to excel in the workplace while working in an international culture

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