Mechanical Engineering

The University of Michigan is home to one of the world's top mechanical engineering programs. Join us to unlock your potential and take the first steps in learning about the field of mechanical engineering!

Summer Springboard program located on the campus of the University of Michigan

Program Highlights

Develop an understanding of fundamental mechanical engineering principles.
Collaborate with other students on design projects that challenge your problem-solving skills and creativity.
Gain hands-on experience through laboratory experiments and design projects.
Explore the wide-ranging applications of mechanical engineering across various industries.
Discover a wide range of career options within the mechanical engineering field and explore the impact of this profession on various industries.

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July 21, 2024 August 2, 2024


University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

Course Overview

In our Mechanical Engineering program, you will develop a robust grasp of fundamental mechanical engineering principles, preparing you to tackle complex challenges with innovative solutions. Through immersive laboratory experiments and design projects, you’ll acquire invaluable hands-on experience, bridging theory and practice. This program will broaden your horizons by exploring the vast applications of mechanical engineering across diverse industries, revealing the field’s profound impact. Most importantly, you’ll discover a wealth of career options within mechanical engineering, igniting your passion for innovation and equipping you for a rewarding future in this dynamic profession.

Meet your instructor

Dr. G. Gilou Agbaglah

Mechanical Engineering Wayne State University

Dr. G. Gilou Agbaglah, an esteemed professor of Mechanical Engineering at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, brings a wealth of academic experience, including roles as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Ottawa, Cornell University, and the University of Michigan. Dr. Agbaglah's academic endeavors traverse continents, beginning with his Master's in Applied Mathematics in Lomé, Togo, followed by a Master of Science in Fluid Dynamics from Paris, France, and culminating in a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Sorbonne Université in Paris in 2011.

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Topics you'll explore

Hands on Learning

Mechanical Engineering students will have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge labs, including the marine hydrodynamics laboratory and the combustion physics lab. Get ready for hands-on experimentation, like observing the splash of a single drop of liquid and interacting with industry professionals and experts in the field.

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