Middle School Medicine at Georgetown

Gain hands-on skills in emergency medicine and hear first-hand about jobs in the field of healthcare.

Summer Springboard Middle School program located on the campus of Georgetown University

Program Highlights

Discover critical techniques in emergency medicine such as setting a splint and performing CPR.
Work in teams as you research, diagnose, and develop a treatment plan for a "patient".
Triage cases from a "mass casualty" in a simulated emergency room simulation.
Learn alongside medical professionals and gain behind-the-scenes knowledge of the emergency room.

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*+$250 Medicine course supplement


Session 1:
July 21, 2024 July 26, 2024


Georgetown Neighborhood
Washington, DC


  • "The experience was overall very nice. I went in not knowing a lot about the subject I took and came out knowing many skills that I feel can help me in case of any emergencies. I also now have experiences and knowledge that have helped me want to pursue a medicine career even more."

    Noah R.

  • "I loved making new friends and learning with one of the best professors ever. This experience really gave me an opportunity to show off my skills and learn while at the same time, having fun."

    Saish R.

Course Overview

This program provides middle school students interested in pursuing medicine with real hands-on experience where they can build a set of medical skills at an early age.

Imagine being able to set a splint, stop a bleed, and perform CPR as a middle school student! Students will learn medical techniques through age-appropriate simulations and guided lessons. In addition, they’ll work with small groups to research a patient’s history and symptoms, create a diagnosis based on findings, and develop a treatment plan


Meet your instructor

This course is taught by the incredible Jennifer Wallace, a dynamic instructor with 18+ years of medical expertise. Jennifer holds a Master's in Nursing Education and a Bachelor's in Nursing and Psychology. Her extensive career spans bedside care, clinical coordination, and nursing education. With experience at renowned hospitals nationwide, including Cedars Sinai in LA, she's now shaping future healthcare heroes as a dedicated Professor of Nursing, igniting passion and knowledge in the next generation

Topics you'll explore

Hands on Learning

Students will have the opportunity to engage with leading emergency medicine specialists.

Excursions at Georgetown: Participants will step into the Trinity College simulation center, a world-class facility, where they'll gain hands-on experience in stitching, suturing, intubation, and life-saving Basic Life Support (BLS) skills. But that's just the beginning!

As part of this remarkable experience, students will not only become CPR certified but will also venture behind the scenes to explore the thrilling world of emergency medical services. They'll enjoy an exclusive ambulance tour, where they'll witness the heartbeat of real-life emergency response. Meeting with seasoned EMT professionals, participants will delve into the intricacies of being part of an emergency unit, all while soaking in the adrenaline-pumping environment.

Course Structure

There are five 3-hour class sessions over the one-week course. During the week, students have class from 9am-12pm, Monday - Friday (program check-out is on Friday afternoon). Wednesday afternoon will be dedicated to additional academic time with possible excursions and/or guest speakers.

The Middle School programs operate separately from Summer Springboard high school programs with separate staff, accommodations, classes, and a more structured environment. For students completing grades 6-8.

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