Middle School Medicine at UC Berkeley

Gain hands-on skills in emergency medicine and hear first-hand about jobs in the field of healthcare.

Summer Springboard Middle School program located on the campus of UC Berkeley

Program Highlights

Discover critical techniques in emergency medicine such as setting a splint and performing CPR.
Work in teams as you research, diagnose, and develop a treatment plan for a "patient".
Triage cases from a "mass casualty" in a simulated emergency room simulation.
Learn alongside medical professionals and gain behind-the-scenes knowledge of the emergency room.

Residential Price: $4,998 USD (+ supplemental fees)

Extended Commuter Price: Not Available

Commuter Price: $2,798 USD (+ supplemental fees)


Early July: July 4-July 16, 2021

Late July: July 18-July 30, 2021


University of California at Berkeley
Berkeley, CA

Course Overview

This program provides middle school students interested in pursuing medicine with real hands-on experience where they can build a set of medical skills at an early age.

Imagine being able to set a splint, stop a bleed, and perform CPR as a middle school student! Students will learn medical techniques through age-appropriate simulations and guided lessons. In addition, they’ll work with small groups to research a patient’s history and symptoms, create a diagnosis based on findings, and develop a treatment plan.

Excursions at UC Berkeley include:

  • – Dynamic and innovative companies in Silicon Valley and across the Bay Area, such as Apple HQ, Stanford University, and other institutions.
  • – Famous landmarks in San Francisco: The Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and more!
  • – A day of fun at California’s Great America amusement park featuring Gold Striker, a top-ranked wooden roller coaster.

The Middle School programs operate separately from Summer Springboard high school programs with separate staff, accommodations, schedules, classes, activities, and a more structured environment. 

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