Trial Law at Georgetown

Get an in-depth look into the legal profession and parts of the judicial system

Summer Springboard program located on the campus of Georgetown University

Program Highlights

Explore all roles of a challenging case acting as defense attorneys, prosecutors, witnesses, jurors, or judge
Develop your legal skills by researching evidence, crafting arguments, and preparing and examining witnesses
Experience a unique view of the legal profession that is personal and insightful from seasoned lawyers or legal scholars
Gain insight into the wide range of career options in the legal field
law student in judge's robe

Residential Price: $4,998 USD (+ supplemental fees)

Extended Commuter Price: $3,398 USD (+ supplemental fees)

Commuter Price: $2,798 USD (+ supplemental fees)


Late July: July 25-August 6, 2021


Georgetown University
Washington, DC


  • I learned a lot about law. Through this course, I have gained a lot of knowledge that has helped me understand the world better.

    Alexander P.

Course Overview

This program introduces students to vital techniques that are used by trial lawyers throughout the United States. Real world experts will share their knowledge about Trial Law and students will hear the inside scoop on law school and the admissions process.

During the program, students will meet with legal professionals to gain insight into their daily activities and learn more about their career journeys. This will be a unique opportunity for students to ask questions and get exposure to a “day in the life” of legal and judicial experts. Excursions include the United States Supreme Court.

Meet your instructor


Jack McMahon, J.D., M.A.

Jack McMahon headshot

John McMahon is an attorney and legal advisor with over 30 years of experience. During his time as Assistant Attorney General for the state of Rhode Island, John resolved thousands of criminal cases through negotiation or trial. His accomplishments include writing the grant request that would become the model for the present day State's Unit Violent Juvenile Offender Unit. In addition, John has worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense as an Overseas Litigation Attorney Advisor. He has taught law at Roger Williams University and obtained his both his Juris Doctorate and Bachelor of Arts in History from Fordham College.

Topics you'll explore

Hands-On Learning

Master courtroom processes as you defend a challenging case from start to finish. Research the evidence, craft and deliver your opening statement, prepare and cross-examine witnesses, craft your arguments, and have a strong closing statement to impress and win over the judge and jury.

supreme court bar

Career Exploration

We will discuss the wide variety of professions within the field of law, such as lawyer, paralegal, mediator, litigator, judge and more. You'll get a deeper sense of your unique motivations and aptitudes and how that aligns with potential academic and career choices. This helps students make better informed decisions about some of life’s most important choices.

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