Another summer is upon us and we’re so excited to bring you another year of programming at some of the most prestigious universities and the most interesting cities in the world!

Each year, we pull out all the stops to bring students the best experience possible — from expert instructors to engaging hands-on activities and excursions designed to bring the fields and majors you are most excited about to life.

At Summer Springboard, we truly value the feedback from our students. It’s what drives us to continuously improve and deliver a summer program that not only meets but exceeds the expectations of both our students and their parents.

We’re committed to providing you with an experience that is not only enjoyable but also prepares our students for the exciting journey ahead as you embark on your college adventure.

So when we say, “Don’t take our word for it” — we mean it!

Looking back at our feedback from nearly two thousand students last year, we’re excited to learn that we consistently meet our goals and promises to you.

Here’s just some of what our students had to say about last year’s Summer Springboard program:

What students had to say about how SSB gave them clarity about their future:

“I really enjoy the courses and the project. I had so much fun, made a lot of friends. And I think this program helped me to determine my college major.”

“It was great here. Almost everything was perfect and I genuinely feel that I gained something from this. I finally know what I want to do in life and want to work hard for it.”

“I really enjoyed the class I took during my time here. It really gave me inspiration to look more upon what I want to major in.”

“The SSB biotech program really helped me to confirm my passion for pursuing biology in college. I also am now considering majoring in biotechnology specifically next year due to the learning I acquired during this course.”

What students had to say about their SSB courses:

“I loved how hands-on emergency medicine was. The instructor was very supportive in how she taught us and fixed our mistakes when we needed it. I loved being part of SSB. I wish I could be here longer to keep making friends and gain more knowledge.”

“I learned so much more about psychology and neuroscience and the program really helped to reinforce my desire to pursue psychology in college. This also served as a great opportunity to also get a college experience and I think it really helped to prepare me and make me feel more ready for college.”

“I thought the business and entrepreneurship course was absolutely outstanding, the professor was extremely knowledgeable and had valuable information to give at all times. I would strongly recommend keeping him on board as an instructor.”

“I truly enjoyed everything about this course. The exercises were an amazing way to get my mind going, the simulation was extremely fun, I learned a lot from the guest speakers, and I had a great time getting to know my group and working on the project with them.”

What students had to say about the friends they made:

“I don’t think I’ve ever made closer friends or had fun and learned things at the same time. I would come back every year if I could.”

“I actually loved it. At first it was kinda awkward but once we got into classes and started making friends I had some of the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. And the course I took, marine biology, was interesting and engaging all the way through.”

“I loved being able to meet super cool people from across the globe and I’ll cherish those memories forever.”

What students had to say about the SSB instructors and staff:

“The staff was amazing. My mentor was very welcoming and helpful for everything. I made quick friends. I wish the time was even longer. I experienced a sense of independence from my parents while still knowing I have staff that will understand me and be there for me.”

“I have met so many incredible and diverse human beings. I have gotten to live on my dream campus at Yale and I am forever thankful. The staff members and the campus directors were the most amazing people.”

“All of the staff are very friendly and caring. Hannah especially went above and beyond to make me as comfortable as possible!”

“My professor was by far the most helpful teacher I’ve ever had.”

“The mentors and other staff here were amazing. Really helpful and made the activities fun and engaging. It definitely helped me feel more prepared for college and my future.”

What students had to say about the SSB experience overall:

“Coming into the programme, I was really nervous and shy but being a residential student helped me open up more and get comfortable with people in my dorm. Nonetheless I was able to interact with people from my dorm, my electives, my circle group and academic track. So basically everyone. It was a very good experience and I’ve made really great friendships. I hope this programme continues and hopefully my siblings get to enjoy it too.”

“I love the instructor of the neuroscience and psychology class. The mentors are supportive and all dedicated and interesting people. I also had an amazing time meeting new friends from all around. The activities and excursions were life-changing. I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge on a topic they love.”

“It was one of the best experiences, living on a college campus with new friends! It was the perfect balance of safe control and independence. Courses were not rigorous and I appreciated the evening activities!”

“It was a great opportunity for me to further explore a potential career path for me while also having a ton of fun. I believe wholeheartedly that this experience transformed me for the better.”

*Quotes have been lightly edited for grammar, spelling and punctuation.

One figure that stood out to us immediately is that the majority of our students reported that their SSB campus experience increased their career clarity, meaning they left with a clearer idea of their future goals and aspirations for the next chapter in their life.

As we look forward to another exciting summer at Summer Springboard, we’re proud of the impact our programs have had on students’ personal and academic growth. We can’t wait to welcome a new group of students and help them unlock their full potential!



By James Townsend, SSB Content Team