Awww, we’re blushing! Reading through student and parent feedback on our programs at the end of each summer is what keeps us going and motivates us to deliver quality academic programs on top campuses year after year. We rely on this input when making changes for the future: we’ve found that learning what students liked, what they LOVED, and what was just “meh” is the #1 way to ensure that the student experience is the absolute best it can be.

Read on to hear what students and parents have to say about their experiences in summers past!

Instructors & Academics

hands-on medical experience with doctors

“The professor was wonderful to be with for these two weeks. She was thoughtful and super kind. Not only that but she taught us so well, I couldn’t have wanted a better teacher.”
–Allena, Student, Yale

“I really enjoyed the small class size and the engaging material. The instructor was so passionate about his subject, which motivated me a lot.”
–Julia, Student, Boston

“The instructor was very lively and loved hearing our thoughts and teaching us about medicine.”
–Elena, Student, Boston

“It definitely showed me what I really care about and it was an experience beyond just academics. [The instructor] truly used his experience to give us life lessons combined with the finance, accounting and investing field.”
–Ivan, Student, New York

“My daughter had a remarkable experience. She was blown away by the quality of the EMT teacher, how much she learned, the professionalism and seriousness and rigor of the program, the quality of the other students, and comprehensiveness of the material. She loved everything!”
–Yael, Parent, UCSD

“He was an amazing instructor and he had all the experience necessary to teach the class. The course load was more than expected but necessary to fully understand how to be a competent lawyer.”
–Emma, Student, Yale

“It was so fun and interesting and I’m now more passionate than ever to pursue a career in the medical field.”
–Sienna, Student, Yale

“Amazing program, we got to meet great people and leaders in the field that we wouldn’t be able to meet otherwise.”
–Josiah, Student, UCSD

“My daughter had a very positive experience. The different project really opened her eyes to the possibilities of engineering.”
–Alan, Parent, UC Berkeley

“My daughter and l loved the program. Every night my daughter appeared excited, grateful and a different person as she discussed what she had learned in school. I also believe this program will help her as she prepares for future college applications”
–L.M, Parent, UC Berkeley

“I learned a lot about medicine and I also made so many new friends and experiences that I just wouldn’t have been able to get anywhere else.”
–Hannah, Student, Boston

Friends, Fun & Excursions

“I loved living in and exploring the city. I also made great friends.”
–Shayna, Student, Boston

“I loved fun RAs. There were lots of fun competitions and activities for us.”
–Ella, Student, Yale

“The best parts were meeting new friends, evening activities, the overall experience of college life, as well as learning a lot from my professor and peers.”
–Justin, Student, Yale

“All of the people were awesome, especially the RAs, and I learned so much and it helped me solidify what I want to study in college.”
–Riley, Student, Boston

“I made such good friends and was in an extremely interesting course about psychology and neuroscience. I am so grateful to have met such inspirational RA’s and I’m gonna remember it forever”
–Nikita, Student, Yale

“I got to meet amazing people from different backgrounds and learn with them.”
–Ava, Student, Yale

“It’s an amazing program, where my child gets to explore the college environment, including classes and living in the dorms. Bonus part is that she also made new friends in the program. We are very glad to have sent her this summer.”
–Anonymous, UCSD





By Jenica Pistone-Donahue, SSB Content Team