The purpose of the True You is to increase student’s self-awareness so they can make better decisions about college admissions, academic major and career paths. The program includes the following components:

Increase Self-Awareness:

This component is the foundation across the entire True You program and focuses on fostering a better understanding of one’s aptitudes and personality. Students use assessments and guided reflection to discover inherent strengths and areas for growth, and how this impacts decisions about school and work.

Demystify College Admissions:

A college counselor will demystify the college admissions process and clarify common misconceptions about how colleges select students.

Identify The Best College (for You):  

This workshop will show students how to look past marketing material and personal opinions of friends and family to determine if a college is truly a good fit for them.  Students create a balanced college list based on their unique personality and desires.

How to Visit a College:

Visiting a college is much more than looking at beautiful buildings and sampling cafeteria food. Students will learn what questions to ask to get the answers they need based on their specific interests and needs.  College experts will share information about how to best document a college visit. Students tour at least two college campuses to learn to see beyond the surface and decide if a college is right for them.

College Application Planning:

Using the Common Application as a base, this workshop will explain key pieces of the college application. Emphasis is placed on using self-reflection to brainstorm ideas for the personal statement component of the application. Students are challenged to think about their True You, beyond just a compilation of activities and awards.