Day 3 & 4 of Summer Springboard (Session 2):

Berkeley - UCSF Kanbar simulation center

Berkeley - Engineering, Stantec, UCSF hospital

Berkeley - CS field trip Thunkable

Berkeley - students, RAs, college experience

Student Quote:

When asked her thoughts on the engineering field trip with Stantec –

“I had no idea that the process of designing buildings takes such a long time. I thought it took maybe 2-3 years to build a hospital like that, not 10!” Anna (Engineering & Innovation)


  • Medicine Field Trip – UCSF Kanbar Simulation Center
    • The Kanbar Center supports UCSF’s educational mission of teaching, learning, and assessment through simulation recreating routine and complex situations.
    • Students performed compressions on dummies to the popular songs, “Stayin Alive” by Bee Gees and “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson.
    • Click the video in the first picture above (or here) to see them in action! 
  • Engineering Field Trip – Stantec
    • Students arrived at the project site for the UCSF Precision Cancer Center Medicine Building.
    • An architect from Stantec, the leading global engineering firm at the project site, spoke to the students about the ins and outs of creating a building from scratch.
  • Computer Science Field Trip – Thunkable
    • Students went to the office of Thunkable in downtown San Francisco.
    • Thunkable enables anyone to create beautiful and powerful mobile apps with a drag and drop mobile app builder for iOS and Android.
  • Afternoon Activity – College Fair
    • Student’s got the opportunity to ask the RAs all about the college experience – from the good to the bad!
    • The group of RAs represent current or recent grads from top tier schools such as Columbia, Stanford, UCLA, CU Boulder, Loyola, Hofstra, Dominican, UC Davis, UMass, and Cal Poly.