Day 11 & 12 of Summer Springboard (Session 2):

Summer Springboard, college tours, University of the Pacific

Summer Springboard, St. Mary's College

Summer Springboard, group reflections, true you

Summer Springboard, evening activities

Student Quote:

“I enjoy having the hands-on experiences in the medical field and am learning a lot from the simulations.” Archith (Medicine & Healthcare)


  • College Tours and Test Prep Track
    • Choosing a university and academic major are some of the most important decisions facing teens.
    • We’ve taken the students on the College Tours and Test Prep track on a variety of college campus tours around Northern California so they can identify the type of university that is uniquely suited to their personality and style. See the list below:
      • Stanford University
      • UC Davis
      • University of San Francisco
      • Sacramento State
      • University of the Pacific
      • St. Mary’s College
      • Santa Clara University
      • San Francisco State
      • Dominican University
  • The True You:
    • A major part of what makes Summer Springboard different is The True You. The True You program is a series of scientific assessments and diagnostics that guide students through a process of introspection, reflection, and visioning.
    • We want students to look inward to develop their personal roadmap for life based on their own unique qualities.
  • Afternoon and Evening Activities
    • In between all of the academic and self discovery portions of Summer Springboard, students are also really enjoying fun activities such as the cupcake social, game night, and the murder mystery night too!