Day 9 & 10 of Summer Springboard (Session 1):

SF Chronicle

True You

Talent show

True You

Student Quote:

“I’ve learned a lot about triage in my medicine track and am so happy to be working with such a great group of people. The environment is so welcoming and I feel like I can talk to anybody, especially the RA’s. I feel very safe and relaxed and look forward to each day.” Cameron (Medicine & Healthcare) 


  • Digital Journalism Field Trip – SF Chronicle:
    • Students went behind the scenes at the San Francisco Chronicle, the largest newspaper in Northern California and the second largest on the West Coast.
    • The Chronicle was founded in 1865 by Charles and Michael de Young and has been awarded six Pulitzer Prizes for journalistic excellence.
  • The True You:
    • A major part of what makes Summer Springboard different is The True You. The True You program is a series of scientific assessments and diagnostics that guide students through a process of introspection, reflection, and visioning.
    • We want students to look inward to develop their personal roadmap for life based on their own unique qualities.
  • Talent Show:
    • This group of students sure are talented! We had some singers, dancers, and even had a beatboxer too!
    • Make sure to watch the video above where a student recites a poem about her “True You”.