Day 3 & 4 of Summer Springboard (Session 3):

Summer Springboard, computer science, Thunkable

Summer Springboard, Thunkable

UCSF Kanbar simulation center, Summer Springboard

Summer Springboard, business, McKinsey

Summer Springboard, Giants stadium

Summer Springboard, baseball, giants

Student Quote:

“The field trips have been really informative. Personally, one of my favorite parts has been the Giants tour. It’s special to me because it’s close to home.” Jordan (Computer Science)


  • Computer Science Field Trip – Thunkable
    • The computer science students are hard at work building and debugging their apps using Thunkable software, and they got the chance to visit the Thunkable HQ office in downtown San Francisco.
    • Thunkable enables anyone to create beautiful and powerful mobile apps with a drag and drop mobile app builder for iOS and Android.
    • The students brought their devices and got a special opportunity to actually code alongside the engineering team!
  • Medicine Field Trip – UCSF Kanbar Simulation Center
    • The Kanbar Center supports UCSF’s educational mission of teaching, learning, and assessment through simulation recreating routine and complex situations.
    • Students performed compressions on dummies to the popular songs, “Stayin Alive” by Bee Gees and “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson.
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Track – Guest Speaker from McKinsey
    • Peter Mombaur provided a deep dive into management consulting at McKinsey. From the Gates Foundation to the government of South Africa, all types of companies hire McKinsey to help solve their business problems.
    • Peter shared McKinsey’s method to approach problem solving = MECE (mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive)
  • Giants Stadium Tour
    • Two speakers with the Giants corporation gave the students some great advice – “Communication is key no matter what profession you get in to. Make sure to work well with teams as this will get you far!”
    • The students walked all around the stadium and even got to see the championship trophies. Fun fact – whenever the championship trophy is flown in, the trophy gets its very own first class seat!