Day 5 & 6 of Summer Springboard (Session 3):

Summer Springboard, business, market games

Summer Springboard, medicine, mass casualty

Summer Springboard, Berkeley, college fair

Summer Springboard, Berkeley, evening activities

Student Quote:

“The guest speaker was very interesting. He talked about his journey and how he was confused about his career path when he was younger. This makes me feel like it’s ok to not have everything planned out, and just to follow what I’m passionate about.Alex (Business & Entrepreneurship)


  • Mass Casualty Simulation
    • The students in the Medicine & Healthcare track got to experience a “mass casualty simulation” where some students acted as first responders and others were covered in “blood” as trauma patients.
  • Business & Entrepreneurship – Guest Speaker
    • We had the pleasure of having Torsor Kotee, founder of Market Games, as the guest speaker for the business program.
    • Market Games helps instructors better prepare students for a career in business through gamified learning experiences.
    • The students got a ton of insight from hearing Torsor’s life experiences on how best to connect business theory to real world practices.
  • College Fair
    • Student’s got the opportunity to ask the RAs all about the college experience – from the good to the bad!
    • The group of RAs represent current or recent grads from top tier schools such as Columbia, Stanford, UCLA, CU Boulder, Loyola, Hofstra, Dominican, UC Davis, UMass, and Cal Poly.
  • Afternoon and Evening Activities
    • In between all of the academic and self discovery portions of Summer Springboard, students are also really enjoying fun activities such as the cupcake social and game night!