Day 9 & 10 of Summer Springboard (Session 3):

Summer Springboard, Computer Science

Summer Springboard, business class

Summer Springboard, medicine and healthcare

Summer Springboard, College Admissions

Student Quotes:

“The medicine & healthcare program is absolutely fascinating. My biggest takeaway would have to be that medicine is such a diverse field, and that the opportunities available are endless. I’ve learned so much!” Sindhu (Medicine & Healthcare)

“I feel that my biggest takeaways from this program would be how much I learned in my course (business) and time management. I came into this program knowing next to nothing and now I feel that I have flourished in business. And for time management I have learned to manage my time in a way where I can do all of my work and hang out in a day. This program is very beneficial and I feel that I am ready for college.” Nathaniel (Business & Entrepreneurship)

“Meeting new people and having the freedom of a college student has helped me enjoy myself and really appreciate the opportunity I have participating in a program like this.” Gabriel (Medicine & Healthcare)


  • College Admissions Presentation
    • Colleges will look at a student holistically going beyond just grades and test scores as they also take into account a student’s community involvement.
    • The guest speaker even showed the students a graph with real data of different types of applicants at an Ivy League school that all had different GPAs and test scores high and low!
  • Computer Science Program
    • The students are actively coding in small groups with intense research and collaboration.
    • This approach involves substantial prototyping and debugging and the incorporation of cloud-based databases and established public API’s (Application Programming Interface) developed by technology companies such as Google and Microsoft.
  • Business & Entrepreneurship Program
    • The students are learning the fundamentals of business in order to apply them towards the development of a business plan.
    • Students become part of a “new company” and configure themselves into teams working on various aspects of a business.
  • Medicine & Healthcare Program
    • In small groups, the students are given limited information on a simulated patient whose life depends on the success of their work.
    • Each team is required to research the patient’s history and symptoms, create a diagnosis based on your findings, and develop a treatment plan.