Day 13 & 14 of Summer Springboard (Session 2):

Summer Springboard,Yale party

Student Quotes:

“I loved my academic track! I was in such a positive and encouraging atmosphere with my professor and classmates. My love for writing has definitely grown and will continue to. I’m excited to keep learning new ways to do what makes me happy. I also loved my roommates and socializing around campus. The independence we got to have and the friendships I’ve made with some people will be remembered and hopefully maintained!”  (Iyanna, Creative Writing)

“I like the fact that I was allowed to be myself without judgement. Everyone was lovely and supportive, especially in regards to my academic track; that encouraged me to work hard and really allowed me to enjoy what I was doing. Lots of fun friends were met here. I even ended up learning some things about myself that I wasn’t cognizant of before, which was really cool.” (Alex, Creative Writing)

“I loved getting to meet the people. I came to this program already knowing myself pretty well, but True You and talking to the other students, RAs, and teachers has helped me learn even more about myself. I also enjoyed the evening activities such as karaoke night and lip sync battle.” (Joyce, Business & Entrepreneurship)


  • Keynote Speaker – Allison Guth
    • The keynote speaker for Summer Springboard at Yale was Allison Guth, Yale’s Joel E. Smilow, Class of 1954 Head Coach of Women’s Basketball.
    • She gave an inspirational speech to the students about mapping out your future.
    • She highlighted what success is in terms of happiness vs monetary value, the importance of setting goals, and provided insight into what Yale looks for in terms of admissions.
  • Farewell Party:
    • That’s a wrap on session 2 of Summer Springboard at Yale. We’ve had an amazing two weeks of learning, fun, and friendships that will last a lifetime.