Day 12 & 13 of Summer Springboard (Session 2):

Springboard Party 2

Springboard Party 3

Springboard Party 4

Keynote Speaker 1

Keynote Speaker 2

Keynote Speaker 3

Mock Trial 1

Mock Trial 2

Mock Trial 3

Mock Trial 4

Mock Trial 6

Mock Trial 5

Shark Tank 1

Shark Tank 2

Shark Tank 3

Shark Tank 4

Shark Tank 5

Student Quote:

“I have enjoyed everything about Summer Springboard. I like the trust they have by letting us roam around the city and in excursions. I also really enjoy the schedules and what is programmed for us everyday and the effort the team puts into making each day the best. Last but not least, I like the classes since the teacher tries to make it interesting every day and I can feel they are very beneficial for us.”


  • Keynote Speaker – Former Admissions Officer for Dartmouth
    • Fun Fact – On average, an admissions officer has 11 minutes to read an entire application (test scores and essays included)!
    • Takeaway – If you don’t make an impression on the admissions officer assigned to your file, they will not advocate for you…therefore you won’t be accepted. 
  • Springboard Soiree
    • That’s a wrap on session 2 of Summer Springboard at Yale! We’ve had an amazing two weeks of learning, fun, and friendships that will last a lifetime.