Day 5 & 6 of Summer Springboard (Session 2):

Summer Springboard, True You

Summer Springboard, Engineering

Summer Springboard, engineering, roof models

Summer Springboard, Yale, karaoke

Student Quote:

“The True You is a really neat exercise to find out who you really are on the inside and what you resonate the most with.” Hayden (Engineering)


  • The True You:
    • A major part of what makes Summer Springboard different is The True You.
    • The True You program is a series of scientific assessments and diagnostics that guide students through a process of introspection, reflection, and visioning.
    • We want students to look inward to develop their personal roadmap for life based on their own unique qualities.
  • Engineering & Innovation Track
    • In the first week, the students in the engineering program explored the “Design Process”.
    • Now they are hard at work designing and building a scale model structure compliant with code, zoning, and budget requirements.
  • Afternoon & Evening Activities
    • In between all of the academic and self discovery portions of Summer Springboard, students are also really enjoying fun activities.
    • Karaoke last night was a crowd pleaser and “Country Road” was a clear favorite for song choice!
    • Additionally, Fitness Friday was a hit with basketball games, dancing, and yoga!