Day 10 & 11 of Summer Springboard (Session 3):

Pie-eating contest

Wheel barrel race
Dizzy bat race

War paint

Fairfield tour
Fairfield tour


  • Fairfield University Campus Tour:
    • Founded in 1942, Fairfield University is a Jesuit and Catholic University that is rooted in one of the world’s oldest intellectual and spiritual traditions.
    • Fairfield prepares students for leadership and service in a constantly changing world through broad intellectual inquiry, the pursuit of social justice, and cultivation of the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.
    • Students choose Fairfield because of its integrated approach to learning which results in graduates who are intellectually prepared and adaptable to face the ever changing issues of the 21st century.
    • As a result of this holistic model of education and focus on career oriented activities and internships, Fairfield University graduates have been highly successful in gaining admission to selective graduate schools, while others go on to achieving successful and satisfying careers.
  • Afternoon Activities
    • Harkness Tower –
      • Harkness Tower was the first crown” tower in English Perpendicular Gothic style built in the modern era.
      • Harkness Tower is 216 feet tall, one foot for each year since Yale’s founding at the time it was built.
    • Yale Art Museum Gallery –
      • The Yale University Art Gallery, founded in 1832, is the oldest university art museum in the western hemisphere.
      • Although it embraces all cultures and periods, the gallery emphasizes early Italian painting, African sculpture, and modern art.
  • Evening Activity-
    • Students participated in a field day for their evening activity, where they had a water balloon toss, a pie-eating contest, and more.