The students at Yale had a fun-filled and exciting weekend as they traveled to New York City and Six Flags! The students got to explore and picnic in Central Park, shop on 5th Avenue, and enjoy the lively nature of Times Square. They then traveled all the way to the top of Rockefeller Center, and they concluded their trip dining in Grand Central Station. The next day, all the students got to scream their hearts out on the various rides Six Flags amusement park has to offer. Overall, the students had a weekend full of sightseeing, screaming, and a lot of smiles.


Today the students were taken to various locations depending on their academic track to learn more about the field they were interested in! The students in the Business academic track got to talk to a popular local business, Taste of Philadelphia, and they even got to enjoy the sandwiches and an amazing dessert! The Emergency Medicine track were given a tour of an ambulance and got to ask the EMTs about their experience working in healthcare. Lastly, the Trial Law track went to New Haven County Court to learn about the legal proceedings and local cases in Connecticut. All the students enjoyed their time collaborating and learning from professionals in their track, and they are excited to continue learning here at SummerSpringboard Yale!