Taking a Business & Entrepreneurship course on the campus of UC San Diego introduces young leaders and entrepreneurs to the business world and key challenges (and opportunities!) that affect growing a business.


There’s something very liberating about being one’s own boss. Maybe you’ve been churning out money making ideas since you were a tot, or you want to find a way to successfully monetize your hobby art or craftwork.

Or perhaps you’re simply intrigued by startup culture and are interested in breaking into the space. Whatever your motivation, the Business & Entrepreneurship track at UCSD is designed to give young entrepreneurs a foundational education to jumpstart their future in business.

You don’t need to have an entrepreneurial spirit to benefit from this course. Almost any future career can benefit from general business know-how and a familiarity with basic principles of business and commerce.

To paraphrase actress Sydney Sweeny (of White Lotus and Euphoria fame), the business savvy actor is able to read and understand her contracts and advocate for herself when necessary. Business acumen is a universally valued skill!

This course explores the many aspects involved in starting, owning, and operating a business – from thinking through ideas, planning a business, and managing various considerations for growing a small business into an enterprise. We’ll explore topics such as: 

  • entrepreneurship
  • idea generation
  • customer relationships
  • revenue streams
  • personnel and human resource management 
  • product design
  • cost accounting
  • financial analysis
  • Marketing

Did we mention that San Diego is the optimal location to spend the summer months? With a temperature that hovers around 75 degrees Fahrenheit, low humidity and gentle sea breezes, this is as close to perfection as it gets climate-wise.

UCSD’s convenient location near some of the area’s most beautiful beaches and trails makes it a great choice for those wanting to experience “America’s finest city.