LAST UPDATED: May 11, 2021


Program Availability

Program availability is not confirmed by all universities. We are still awaiting decisions by some universities. These decisions may cause a change in the location of the program, or change the content of the courses.

In the spirit of full transparency, we will update this page as we get new information.

Please note: per our refund policy, Summer Springboard cannot refund deposits. However, students may transfer between campuses, or may switch to an online program, with no penalty. Alternatively, students may apply 100% of all payments to a program in 2022.

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Please call us for more detailed information: +1 (858) 780-5660

COVID-19 Response Protocols for Operating Summer Programs

Summer Springboard is committed to operating safe, healthy programs. Having a Covid-free summer requires cooperation between students, staff and parents. Working together, we can create a fun, insightful, and memorable summer.

We have developed response protocols based on recommendations from the CDC.

During the program, students will form a “pod”, a small group of students. Within this pod, students will stay together in small groups with dedicated staff and make sure they remain with the same group throughout the day, every day.

In addition, students and staff will follow these guidelines and protocols.


Criteria for Participation 

We strongly recommend that all students become fully vaccinated before participating on the program.

In order to participate in a Summer Springboard program, students must agree to inform Summer Springboard if they experience any symptoms associated with Covid-19 or heightened temperature (100.4 F or above) 14 days prior to program, and also either 

  1. Provide proof of a full Covid-19 vaccination, or
  2. Provide a negative Covid-19 test taken within 72 hours of arrival to the program

Students also agree to:

  • Sign a Covid Honor Code agreeing to behaviors to help mitigate transmission
  • Receive a Covid test upon check-in to the program (even if vaccinated)
  • Receive a Covid test 5 days into the program (in some cases)
  • Daily temperature monitoring (even if vaccinated)

Student Behavior

Students will sign a Covid Honor Code in which they agree to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Wear masks when required, except when eating or alone with members of their pod
  • Maintain adequate social distance from people outside of their pod
  • Refrain from sharing food or drinks with other students
  • Agree to be open and honest if feeling ill or symptomatic 
  • Follow the guidelines established by the host campus

Failure to abide by the Covid Honor Code will result in dismissal from the program.


Staff Training

All program staff and instructors will be vaccinated and trained on new health and safety guidelines in alignment with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention prior to program commencement.

Each campus will have a designated staff person to be responsible for responding to COVID-19 concerns.

First Aid Kits

Every RA group will have a first aid kit that holds all of the necessary items to manage an incident long enough to receive medical care. This first aid kit will go everywhere with the group. In addition to the typically stocked items, the following will be added for COVID-19 specific management:

  • Hand sanitizer
  • 10 pairs of nitrile gloves
  • 5 extra KN95 or N95 (one-time use) face masks
  • Infrared thermometer 
  • Gel hand soap

Campus Environment

Each campus has established their own specific guidelines and measures to mitigate the transmission of Covid. Campus guidelines supersede Summer Springboard guidelines.

In addition to measures taken by the campus to provide a safe environment, Summer Springboard will take the following additional measures:

  • Students will maintain social distance in classrooms, based on local county health guidelines
  • Hand sanitizer made available in public spaces
  • Staff will regularly disinfect heavily touched surfaces
  • When possible, hold activities and meals in outdoor spaces
  • When traveling in vehicles, students will wear masks


Any student found to have a temperature or combination of symptoms (as consulted by a medical professional) shall be isolated from the group OR if time in the day allows, be taken straight to a Covid testing facility. 

A negative test result allows the student to return to the group and continue program

A positive test result sets the following steps

  • Care for individual student(s) / staff as needed; continue isolation
  • All students and staff in the pod will undergo test.
  • Staff in direct contact with the suspected / confirmed Covid case to wear KN95 masks provided in the first aid kit.
  • Work with the hospital or appropriate entity to deploy contact tracing measures 

If the exposure or transmission occurs toward the end of a program to possibly exceed the length of the program, SSB will work with parents to provide back-up support for the student until they can safely depart. 


We realize that there is still some uncertainty about whether all of our university hosts will allow us to operate programs on their campuses. Therefore, we reserve the right to transfer the location of the classrooms and dormitories to be at a similar facility located within a 50 mile radius from the original campus. In addition, we have revised our cancellation policy to allows students to switch between campuses, or between in-person and online programs at no additional cost until May 1st.

While we plan to run our programs if the universities deem it safe, we offer an optional Tuition Protection Plan that allows families to cancel for any reason, at any time, and receive a full refund of tuition paid. This is meant for unfortunate, unforeseen events that provoke a last-minute cancellation. The Tuition Protection Plan must be purchased by May 1st and costs $450.