SSB and BWH Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Social Justice Scholarship Application

Application & Essay Deadline April 30, 2023
Submit your application and essay submission by the deadline of April 30, 2023 to be considered for one of two scholarships. 
Summer Springboard and BWH will offer two full IDEaS scholarships for a Commuter/Extended Commuter (non-residential) for either our Pre-Med or Emergency Med program being held in Boston at Simmons University. 

Applicants for all scholarships will select from one Summer Springboard program (pending availability of program and session dates).
  1. Upon submission of application, essay (with a 1000 word minimum [1200 word max]) and demonstrated financial need, SSB will invite top applicants and their guardians to a final interviews. 
  2. No later than May 31, 2023 SSB will award two applicants as scholarship recipients of the SSB IDEA Scholarship. 
  3. Upon final award selection, scholarship recipients must complete the full SSB application to ensure that we can accommodate them based on any medical or mental health histories (as we do for all students on our programs) according to the specific destination of the program.

Contact Information

Proof of Demonstrated Financial Need

Upload the first page of your family’s most recent income tax filings, making sure to include your annual AGI and removing or blacking out any private/personal data, including SSN number:

USD / year

enter your essay of 1000 words minimum 1200 words maximum