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We bring together leading academic and industry experts to help teach, guide, and support our students during their summer experience. They are fun-loving, experienced, and passionate about student growth and development. All program staff go through a rigorous training program to ensure students not only learn, but do so in the safest way possible.

Each one of our programs is run by an experienced Campus Director, Assistant Campus Director along with Mentors, Resident Advisors, and Teaching Assistants. All our Campus Directors are adult professionals with extensive experience working with teens, and they all hold a B.A. or M.A. degree. Campus Directors are selected for their expertise in the field of personal development and undergo background checks and rigorous training before the summer. The Campus Director oversees the team of Resident Advisors and also facilitates the delivery of the Springboard Leadership Framework.

Our Mentors, Resident Advisors, and TAs are the heart and soul of our program; they bring energy and inspiration to every student experience.  They are selected for their experience working with youth, understanding of leadership theory, and dynamic personalities. All RAs undergo background checks and training on the unique needs of teenagers.

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