Practice the craft of writing daily in a supportive environment, with plenty of time to revise work after input from instructors and peers. While the course will strengthen core writing skills, the focus is on exploring new forms of expression and stretching talent.

The study of writing is further developed through reading established authors and mentor texts. You will read short stories, poems, drama, articles, and essays to discuss, write about, and use as inspiration. Come prepared to write short scripts for television after in-depth discussions on the importance of dialogue. Bring characters and settings to life before writing short stories, and learn research tools before reporting on timely topics.

Learning Outcomes in this course

Develop a portfolio of work from different writing genres, including gonzo journalism, poetry, fiction, and scriptwriting

Discover inspiration and cultivate your skills through daily writing exercises and mentor texts

Become a stronger writer by honing reading skills and diving deep into short stories, poems, drama, articles, and essays

Learn more about academic pathways and career opportunities for individuals passionate about the written word

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