Writing for College

Get prepared for college and beyond by taking part in our writing for college program! Professionals in the field will help you master the skills needed for writing college essays, resumes and give you further insight into what it takes to become a writer!

Summer Springboard program located at Yale University

Program Highlights

Learn how to prepare a college application essay
Resume creation and preparation
Introduction to AP and college writing (rhetoric, argument, synthesis)
Explore more about academic pathways and career opportunities such as medical writing, journalism and creative writing

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Session 3:
July 14, 2024 July 26, 2024


Yale University
New Haven, CT


  • I learned about what I can accomplish as a devoted writer if I work hard enough. If I just write all the time, no matter how rough of a draft it is, I’ll come up with something meaningful.

    Iyanna L.

  • This course taught me a lot about writing techniques and skills and allowed me to rediscover my love for writing and stories.

    Alex J.

Course Overview

Writing for College = Writing for Life. The course stresses the fundamentals of writing, prepares students for college applications as students create their own resumes and master their college essays. Students will also be introduced to specific AP and college-level writing techniques – skills that are not only useful in their high school days, but in college and beyond.

Excursions at Yale –  Students have a unique opportunity to visit the iconic home of one of America’s greatest writers, Mark Twain. In addition, students will visit various local colleges and universities, having the chance to meet with and gain valuable insight from admissions counselors. 

Meet your instructor

Leslie Jernegan MFA

Writing for College

Leslie Jernegan is the Summer Springboard instructor for the course Writing for College at Yale University. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing with a graduate Future Professoriate certificate.

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Hands-On Learning

College essays are the foundational building blocks that shape the future of a student's life and beyond. Honing the fundamental skills of writing on this course, students will learn how to prepare college applications by hand crafting their own resumes and mastering the intricacies of their college essays. Students will be introduced to specific AP and college-level writing techniques - skills that will set them apart in high school, and bolster their transition to college and beyond.

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