Drones are being sold in record numbers and taking to the skies. The FAA estimates that there would be more than 2 million drones registered by the end of 2019 in the US.

But did you know that in 2020, you have to be certified as an amateur or professional to legally fly a drone? If you have a passion for STEM and media, sign up for the Summer Springboard drone cinematography course for teens and ultimately receive proper certification so that you can fly safely and legally.

two girls with drones

Learning Outcomes in this course

Gain experience with drone operations, maneuverability and actual flight operations in an open field.

Read air traffic and weather reports to identify all the vital information needed to start piloting drones safely.

Dive into the capabilities of drone photography and videography, as drones are revolutionizing TV and film.

Upon program completion, receive your certified amateur drone pilot's license to fly drones legally.

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