Since their rise in popularity and easier and more affordable access by the average consumer, drones are being sold and taking to the skies in record numbers, and for a variety of different purposes - aerial surveying, reconnaissance, product delivery, and cinematography. Summer Springboard's Drone Cinematography course on the campus of UCSD will combine your passion for drone flying with cinematography. Our course provides a comprehensive overview of the technical and creative aspects of cinematography, where students will learn how to execute a variety of different shots with regards to lighting, framing, and clients' needs.

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Learning Outcomes in this course

Gain experience with drone operations, maneuverability, and actual flight in an open field.

Learn about the entrepreneurial & engineering applications of drone cinematography and how to pursue them.

Create a path for yourself to move forward as a Drone Cinematographer, which includes learning about licensing, equipment purchasing, and specialized training in mapping, editing, and flying.

Learn the 5-step framework for identifying the type of shots you should take, and evaluate clips, films, and shots with this in mind.

Develop a story as a cinematographer using the 4 P's framework.

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