Choosing the “right” college, the “right” major, and the “right” career path are among the most important decisions a young person will make during their high school years. However, pursuing the wrong path can be extremely costly and time consuming.

A recent ZipRecruiter study highlights the most and least regretted college majors.

Ziprecruiter - the most regretted college majors
Ziprecruiter - the least regretted college majors

In the video and testimonial below, two teens share their thoughts on how Summer Springboard can help students avoid these kind of regrets.

“This past summer I took part in the trial law course at Yale. I had such a great time meeting new people, going new places, learning new things, but at the end of my time there I realized that law might not be the way to go for me. I will always find it interesting but it doesn’t feel like something I can pursue for the rest of my working life and I’m very thankful that Springboard was able to give me that realization before I went to college for something that doesn’t spark passion in me.”  – Jennifer R.

At Summer Springboard, we goal is to provide students the unique opportunity for hands-on learning, career exploration, and college prep while they are still in high school.

We offer over 20 academic courses in the following fields: 

In this two week program, students dive deep into their academic immersion course and gain a clearer picture of what it means to work in a profession. Guided by real world professionals, the instructors and guest speakers share their own stories about how they got to where they are today, and offer advice based on a lifetime of experience. In addition, we encourage students to follow their passion and gain a deeper understanding of their personality, motivations, and strengths. 

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Summer Springboard provides pre-college summer programs for teens at UC Berkeley, Yale, Georgetown, Boston, Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, and UC San Diego. Call 858-780-5660 for more info.