LAST UPDATED: March 17, 2021

  • Status = Summer Springboard has a signed contract to run programs at UCLA
  • We are in constant communication with the host university and committed to operating safe, healthy programs. 
  • Covid regulations have not been announced yet. This will change aspects of the program. We will provide updates as soon as we know more.

Biology & Medicine

Students will discover the biology behind disease and medicine and learn from a professional drug hunter and co-inventor on multiple drug patents. Click here for more info.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Students will learn from a business owner, college professor, and consultant who specializes in program, fund, and non-profit development for businesses of all sizes. Click here for more info.

Computer Science

Students will dive into data science, machine learning, and AI with an Adjunct Associate Professor of Computer Science and a Research Scientist at the Center for Smart Health at UCLA. Click here for more info.

Emergency Medicine

Students will climb into an ambulance, learn how things operate in emergency situations, and gain hands-on skills from an EMT Clinical Instructor at UCLA. Click here for more info.


Students will learn from an adventure photographer and videographer, and also visit Warner Brothers studio or another film studio, production facility or a motion picture business in LA. Click here for more info.

Fundamentals of Engineering

Students will learn the principles of mechanical, structural, and civil engineering from an engineering professor with over 15 years of teaching experience in the Greater Los Angeles area. Click here for more info.

Psychology & Neuroscience

Students will explore the world of the mind and it’s powerful impact on human behavior with a Senior Research Associate at USC with a Ph.D. in Neuroscience. Click here for more info.

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